This reference to the worldwide Internet has vast quantities of components interconnected for receiving, distributing, and storing data. Within this cosmic ‘cloud’ are numerous buildings constructed in areas of low-cost electrical power, specifically engineered for long term and giant capacity data storage. This is the quintessential backup to the backup. All information that was ever recorded by man, going back to the Sumerian Cuneiform Script from the 30th century BC., has been transferred here from all the books around the world. It is the ultimate vault of all knowledge protected by substantial firewalls and multiple sources of power. About 780,000 years ago, when the only thing humans recorded were footsteps in mud, the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal took place. This phenomenon is when the earth’s magnetic poles reverse. In the last 160 years, the current field has declined and, in the year, C.E. 2021, this event will materialize again. Not recognized by science because of the lack of data, this pole flip will expose the earth and everything on it to direct solar radiation, even underground. ALL electronic information will be annihilated, and all life forms will have damaged DNA and optic nerves that will blind them for many generations. Analyzing this apocalyptic scenario, the scientists project that in 6 generations, vision will return. However, with the libraries full of useless printed books, a scramble takes place when a blind Academia tells of 1960’s federal program that printed all of the greatest literary works into braille. Housed in the basement of a forgotten government building and managed for the last 40 years by a meek government employee named Tim Braun, the jubilant committee arrives knowing mankind is saved. In a short time, the panel is horrified to find out that Tim has been supplementing his meager salary by selling pages of the manuscripts on the Internet as toilet paper. These sheets possess superb fecal material, scouring abilities.

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