The Canadian Invasion into the mainland of the United States began first in Detroit and spread rapidly northeast. Requiring financial assistance to pull off this invasion, the first to donate to the Canucks were all the American Indian Casinos. With bad memories of their treatment and genocide by the early Americans, they could not shovel money fast enough to embrace this cause. Money also appeared from many foreign countries who were also fed up with American greed. They actually applied for usury loans from the US and immediately wired the money directly to Toronto, the new Canadian Capitol. Even Great Britian, America’s longest ally, threw in tons of pounds for the cause. With this new influx of cash, they merely bought their way into America, just like the American military bought their way into Afghanistan in search of Bin Laden. People lose their patriotic passions when comfortable lifestyles are served up by the ‘enemy.’ The invaders entered the US with trainloads of Canadian bacon, a huge upgrade from the Hershey bars the US military offers. First Detroit, then Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany fell. As they made their way down the Hudson, the US military set up an impenetrable roadblock to deny access to the highly concentrated American population in New York City. Enough of these kid glove tactics. The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces recognized these invaders as mental terrorists poisoning the minds of free Americans and would tolerate no more. Canadians would soon die by the millions if they did not stop their diplomatic tricks and return back to their Royal homelands. Faced with American soldiers dying at the hands of crazed Canadians invading American soil that still had stains from dead Yankees centuries ago, was too much. Plans were being developed deep in the Raven Rock bunker that called for the use of nuclear weapons to crush the Hordes of the North and send them all to a fast hell, bathed in thermonuclear light. 


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