Canada’s population was furious when it found out that the United States was stealing its sunlight. The Canucks wanted a retaliatory strike directed at Washington DC for their arrogant behavior immediately, but the parliamentary division led by the Prime Minister was looking for a peaceful solution. Suggestions included redirecting the ocean’s sunlight to the American mainland in that it wouldn’t affect human populations. This was instantly shot down when scientists explained that all algae-based life would die because it is 100% dependent on sunlight. This die off would shoot up the food chain like a Sprint Missile exiting its launcher at 100 G’s. The ocean as a food source would go sterile immediately. Also brought into the arguments was the fact that dead algae, in time, turns into oil and that the petroleum industry would seize this new source of hydrocarbons and start spilling this back into the atmosphere. It was the high CO2 levels that spawned the HELIOS project in the first place and that technology requires completely stable foundations for its equipment to function properly. Ship mounted electromagnetic photon deflectors do not work. The citizens of Canada felt betrayed when they learned that the Royal Family itself were heavily invested in the HELIOS technology. It seems that all the governments’ upper echelons were given insider information and they all ran like rats for the big cheese (money). Besides the brass figured a little darkness never hurt anyone. The average Canuck disowned their government and united into a rebel faction that was 30 million strong. The 8 million loyal to the government (mostly French) were herded into makeshift prisons buried in the basements of government buildings and imprisoned in total darkness as punishment. The volatility of the situation exploded like a keg of rocket fuel and the rebels armed themselves with American weapons seized at the border for the last hundred years. It was an amazing arsenal. 

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