With the planned assault on Washington DC exposed, secondary targets were ordered to be attacked immediately. The first on the list was the invasion of Detroit, Michigan. A massive armada of stolen American boats, both pleasure crafts and yachts, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Dunkirk, made their way across the Detroit River. Departing at 2:00 AM and under cover of darkness, the Toronto Tornadoes, a rag tag operative consisting of inner-city soldiers, came in a wide swath of riverfront landings that were backed up by 5 more waves of invaders. On the Detroit shoreline to confront them was a small army of, not US troops, but rather black gang members from Detroit’s ghetto and a large congregation of Arab Muslims from the near west side. The invading Canada militia, after exiting the boats, looked at the silent enemy that was there to annihilate them. The opposing armies just sat there for 3 minutes staring and sizing each other up. A few thousand hard core gang members from the Motor City were looking in disbelief at an equal number of oppressed black men from Toronto.  Some were descendants of runaway slaves who used the Underground Railroad to obtain freedom from southern plantation owners 180 years ago. Some were granted political asylum from the Caribbean nations they were born into, that doubled as slave warehouses. As for the Arabs from Detroit, they recognized the Arabic language that was written on the invading Canadian’s fatigues. Soon that rapid rhetoric from the Middle East permeated the air as they excitedly shouted out different places from their homelands. The Detroit Arabs came out of their defensive positions and greeted their enemies from Canada with emotional hugs. Immediately, the more suspicious Detroit blacks held their weapons at their side and began to do choreographed hand slaps with their counterparts. This phase of the war was a victory for the Canadians as they all smoked crack pipes to celebrate their bonds. 

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