This branch of the United States Armed Forces was founded in 1775 and has been attached to the Department of the Navy since 1834. Its primary job back then was to protect a United States vessel from being boarded by enemies in foreign ports and to safeguard the ship’s officers from mutiny. They were given quarters between the boat’s officer bunks and the rest of the sailors. Their discipline is legendary and have earned them the nickname, JARHEADS, which is in reference to a jarhead, that which is hard on the outside and empty inside. It speaks highly of their capacity to follow orders, regardless of the consequences to their own physical safety in order to carry out their mission. They are trained to be some very tough monkeys. The Marine Corps are a specialty group of soldiers that are called in to escort the President and members of his cabinet and are employed to protect members of the State Department in foreign lands at US Embassies around the world. They are also introduced when hostilities reach an extremely dangerous level and transition from amphibious to land-based warfare. Over the centuries, Marines have made a name for themselves and earned untold respect from all, including their enemies. The most prominent motto of the US Marine Corps is the Latin phrase Semper Fidelis which means ‘always faithful’ or ‘always loyal.’ Its condensed version is Semper Fi, which is a code known only to the select brotherhood of hard-core Marines. The real cry used on the battlefield by men driven to an animalistic frenzy is SIMPLIFY!……..SHOOT THE FUCKER. It is a war chant that screams of common sense. That enemy coming at you is trying to kill you. Take no prisoners. Captured enemy have to be guarded by much needed fellow soldiers and will eat your food. If they escape, they will steal your shit and come back to fight you again. The cure: SHOOT THE FUCKER. This survival mode carries no empathy. It is only there to insure victory. SIMPLIFY!!! 

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