Mary Anderson pulls in her driveway at precisely 5: 23 PM, the same time every weekday as she has done for the past 12 years. The Ford Shepard she occupies is a 2062 model that is fully autonomous, hence, it guarantees exact delivery to her garage daily. Rush hours and accidents are old memories of people in their 80’s, because ION computers control all vehicles and traffic on the North American continent. Ancient Microsoft computers take over at the Great Wall of Mexico crossing at the border, where chaos still reins and attracts the thrill seekers. Mary’s vehicle slowly inserts itself into the charger port and will spend the next hour recharging the electric steed, pulling energy from the FUSION powerhouse located over an old dump site from decades ago. Ms. Anderson settles in for the evening and vibrates her body into heavenly ecstasy, then falls asleep. Friday morning appears and the punctual Mary is off to work. The Shepard safely drops her off at the entrance to the Hope Hospice and proceeds to park itself. Eye scans and gait analysis opens all doors to her lab where she alone operates the Smoosher Model 2059. Mary is a feces miner. Machines at the Hospice have kept all the dying alive until 8:30AM and one by one, are now allowed to die. Mary takes the first of these “RELEASED” and wheels them over to the Smoosher, centers them over the laser probes, and locks the gurney in place. The machine is activated and scans the intestines, mapping in 3D the entire digestive tract. The coordinates are set and just below the stomach, 3 rollers converge on the duodenum and hydraulically squeeze all the contents contained through the entire tract and out the anus where it is harvested. This precious “food” is sent to a sewage treatment plant where it will be transformed into a delicious meal designed to keep another one of 10 billion people alive, thanks to the interjection of the dung beetle’s gene into ours. Mary takes great pride in her shitty job. 

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