Life on this planet, and probably others, if we’re ever going to play cards and drink with other aliens, is based on mutations that really change a species for the better. With only a 1% difference between human and chimp DNA, the minute variation is a world of difference. One variation in a few letters of the DNA rungs has led to a tradeoff between chimps and chumps (us). This difference showed up as a sacrifice in the lower jaw muscle that, for humans, produced a biting capacity about 1/3 that of a chimp, but the inadvertent prize was that human skulls can expand up to 30 plus years. This allows more grey matter to fill in the void, and this fatty jelly is where all the good ideas come in. The first monumental idea was when some caveman was bringing home a new refrigerator for the wife, and he needed help with that big block of ice he dragged up from the river. Using a tree limb as an axle and 2 round stones, the wheel got that mini iceberg up that hill and into the cave to keep the mammoth loins fresh. The next time that enlarged brain jelly started generating voltage, tools and weapons started to show up. Add some knowledge of metallurgy and chemistry into the mix, and now you have gun barrels to accelerate a bullet down the bore. This made little people tough. Steam and electricity sure saved the body and increased leisure time for procreation. More noodles in the mix produced vehicles that traveled over rugged terrain and flew in the air. Put a boatload of noodles into a war effort and suddenly you’ve got a bomb that can vaporize millions of little tough guys. With every thought coming out of those cranium pudding dispensers, we keep getting closer to the ultimate monumental idea. The REPLICATOR. We will no longer have to grow food, go to work, or get old. Just set the dial and order up a BLT. Punch in a new TV and watch high def, 3D Lassie. If you broke your leg, or got ran over by a car, merely punch some digits and fabricate a brand new you.

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