Parents of offspring have a built-in pilot that will direct their children to attempt new tasks that will improve their chance of success on this planet. Exposing one’s progeny to as many different stimuli, yet maintaining adult supervision for the protection and well-being of “junior” during these lessons, pays off in spades in the future. The entire time, parental encouragement is given for a completed task done well. One method is a large smile accompanied by a chant of, ALL RIGHT or WAY TO GO. This acts as a gauge for junior to understand if he is completing his mission successfully. Care must be taken in these encouragement payouts, or future problems could conceivably arise. An example of this is a family from Hawaii, whose son named Jonah was being taught to bring laughter into the immediate family. The parents taught him that if he put his fingers behind his ears
and pushed forward at the same time he made a funny face that could bring laughter. It worked quite well. When Grandpa walked into the room and Jonah, on a que from his parents, produced the face, Grandpa was in stitches. Soon Grandpa brought in Grandma and said, “Jonah, show Grandma what you can do,” and again the room was in tears. Whenever any relative showed up, Jonah was persuaded to push forward his ears, show his funny face and the entire group was laughing hysterically. This went on for years, for family, for friends, and even strangers. Unknownst to the parents, this encouragement over time caused Jonah’s ears to grow in the forward position. Jonah was now the unwitting owner of a pair of flying elephant ears. Years ago, a furious weather front moved through the area and lifted Jonah by the ears from his loving family. To this day, barring that 1 ridiculous, undocumented, and cruel rumor of Jonah being swallowed by a passing humpback whale, his exact whereabouts are unknown. Even with the internet, no encouraging information has come forward to bring poor Jonah back home.

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