Amongst the current estimated 2 trillion trillion stars in the universe, these hot stellar bodies are divided into 3 main groups. First, and most common, are red dwarfs. Cooler and slower burning stars than our own sun, their lifetime can be as much as a trillion years. Next on the list are the stars similar to our own sun. These burn at an effective surface temperature of nearly 10,000°F, last for nearly 10 billion years, and during its hydrogen fusion process, can produce all elements up to and including iron. It only gives up matter in its solar flares and in trillions of years, it will cool to a black dwarf. The last group is the least numerous but most important because of its impact on humans. These blue burning giants are unimaginably massive and extremely short lived as compared to the other two with durations of only millions of years. These rarities burn through their fuel so fast and so hot, that the fusion process goes off the charts. This culminates into an impressive and scarce supernovae that jettisons matter and is hurled outward into space where their resting places are called nubulae. Supernova are responsible for the production of all-natural elements beyond iron. These nubulae can become stellar “wombs” and begin breeding new stars and planetary objects. Our solar system is theorized to have coalesced from this scenario thus making all life on earth emanating from one deceased giant star that exploded eons ago. This makes us all HOMIES and explains physical attraction. If you encounter another human elsewhere on this planet and feel a connection to them, it is because of the region on that giant parent sun that your atoms and theirs came from. This sense of collective identity establishes a “family bond” because of this strong, attractive force and can lead to a sexual encounter, either heterosexual or homosexual. The choice is purely physics driven from deep within the atomic structure, DAT HOMEBOY IS FROM DA HOOD, WE’LL CUM! 

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