Horace Greely, an author who later became the founder and chief editor of the New York Tribune, was often quoted as saying, GO WEST, YOUNG MAN, GO WEST AND GROW UP WITH THE COUNTRY.  It was a wakeup call for eastern born males to pursue the United States’ Manifest Destiny and develop new industries in the wild west for the betterment of America. Rather than loiter around eastern cities with high unemployment and pre-claimed land, it would be more advantageous for all if they got off their asses and made their own way in life west of the Mississippi River. A good motivator was the discovery of gold in California in 1848 that sent people by the thousands westward. So successful was this exodus that, 170 years later, California is the most populated state in America, with over 39 million people. That’s 20 million more than #4 ranked, New York. Most of the success of this westward population drive was in mining, agriculture, and technologies that tend to grow wealth, which leads to more new industries. The big players are in entertainment, defense, computers, and I.T. Now stuffed with problems and people, there is a program designed to push out the decrepit and non-productive citizens. Its outcry is, GO EAST, OLD MAN, GO EAST AND FERTILIZE THE COUNTRYSIDE. With an aging population that drives slow, gets in the way, and hordes its wealth, these old coots are being propositioned by eastern states to move there. With tax incentives, inheritance loopholes, and superb geriatric medical support, these crusty, creaky cadavers are highly prized goals of lightly populated, overgrazed states like Montana and South Dakota. With gambling parlors in gas stations and a steady flow of Social Security money coming in, these zombies are perfect for fattening the coffers of these forgotten states. Best of all, they are shuffling stacks of shit, waiting to fall in a composting pit (grave), and supply fertilizer for future prairie grasses to feed the buffalo and deer. 

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