With the news release of the latest school shooting and its current death toll, one wonders, WHY? America’s school system is tasked with educating children from kindergarten up to high school graduation by employing a vast cross section of teachers to accomplish this. The emphasis is on a general education with exposure to science, mathematics, and literature. As a direct result of interacting with other children, social skills and physical activity in sports also takes place. Lurking within these physical games is a concept called competition; whereas, one team attempts to “annihilate” the opponents and thus claim victory. Pep rallies are promoted by the schools with wall to wall, frenzied students crammed into a pulsating auditorium and rooting for the home team. Pumped up coaches are reliving their 15 minutes of fame back in their high school days and are instilling insane devotion to the assembly. Out at the main entrance stands a huge display case with decades worth of trophies in a plethora of sports for all to see. Among the viewers are the quiet, non-jocks with emotional issues who wish to add to that collection in the only way they see fit in their distorted view. The new sport is Unbridled School Atrocities (USA). On the Internet, there is a point system for keeping score. Wounding a student is 1 point and killing is 2 points. Teachers are 3 points and taking out an armed cop or janitor trying to stop the mayhem is 5 points. Columbine was the top school in the 90’s, but records were made to be broken, just like in any sports. With all the hype to make their school the greatest by overzealous coaches and staff, a small group of misdirected and attention starved kids have created new ways for school notoriety. Armed to the teeth and toting backpacks full of ammo, these motivated misfits run down the halls screaming USA, USA, as they indiscriminately shoot their fellow students and picture that shiny new trophy in the display case. 

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