Laying alongside of our world highways are hundreds of thousands of dead animals who attempted to go toe to toe with a motorized vehicle. Depending upon the size of the animal versus the size of jalopy, victory could go either way; but, more often than not, it is the metal monsters that maintain mobility. The exceptions are an adult moose verses a motorscooter and an elephant encountering a Smart Car; the occupant dies, and the animal breaks a nail. The underlying, bedrock reason for this behavior is a realization that the time has come for the non-productive, aged members of a species to quit wasting time and to end it all via suicide. A “just do it” attitude. Animals do not have businesses to relieve pain and suffering in old age like humans do. Much investment and work went into the medical industry to help the Homo Sapiens extend their lives, but with no cures to their ailments that plague them. Quantity but no quality. It is, in reality, a sophisticated banking industry that transfers wealth from the dying to the living. Animals lack an organized monetary system, so to end the chronic pain, they merely step out into a multi-ton vehicle traveling at great speed. Demise and death, compliments of a Tin Lizzie or power packed Peterbilt. All along the highways, especially at night, to get the edge on the animal lovers driving down highways, lie old and flawed fauna waiting to step out on to the concrete altar to be sacrificed. The morning reveals their efforts. Bloated carcasses resembling Superman in flight with the red cape staining the highway. Entrails decorating the pavement like strawberry swirls on a cake. Two dimensional flattened copies of their former 3-dimensional selves. Their courageous sacrifices do not go to waste. The scampering scavengers quickly take advantage of the free meal and provide entertainment for the motorist on his unwitting journey down the highway of life, heading for his own personal exit strategy. 

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