As Christopher Columbus was embarking on his journey to discover a shorter route to India, he got lost. Unknown to C.C., blocking his path was a pair of colossal continents that were lightly populated with former Asians. Like all humans of that era, they were busy foraging for food and killing other humans who did not belong to their tribe. Kill or be killed. When it was discovered that Mr. Columbus had bumped into a bunch of islands sitting on the continental shelf of the “New World”, it started a slow immigration process of disgruntled citizens looking for freedoms denied them by others in power. After 2 centuries, things got up to speed and Europe started sending its diverse cultures over to colonize these new lands. After learning survival skills in this hostile environment from the natives, the new settlers did what comes natural to humans; they pushed them off or killed them if they put up resistance. The indigenous retaliated and wars popped up throughout the land. Slaves were brought in to supply cheap labor and businesses flourished. Local governments were established and disputes were settled in courts of law, unless you were a native, and then you were relocated to sterile lands called reservations. Human rights issues surfaced, and all the poor settler’s sons went off to be maimed or killed in different parts of the country fighting for or against slavery. This reunited the land and for the next 2 decades, attention was directed westward for expansion and extermination of any pockets of resistance. When they reached the other ocean, there was no one left to annihilate, so the attention was directed towards making as much money from the natural resources that this continent offered. Later dictators in other parts of the world pissed off the occupants of this new country, twice majorly and minorly on numerous occasions. The US became very good at efficient war and now leads the world in potential killing abilities. God bless America. 

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