Every leap year, the Presidential candidates start flinging around enough mud to start the 8th continent. It seems 365 days isn’t enough time to saturate a voter’s head with the standard cacophony of lies, so they wait for an extra day to break the voter’s back. Leap years should end with December 32nd to get an extra day of Christmas vacation, instead of February 29th to throw in some more BS from the same people who brought to you Richard Nixon. During the entertainment industry’s rise to fame, they stayed out of politics and amused their audiences with silent pictures. In October of 1927, the first talking movie was released and opinions were now verbalized through the media. Using radio at first to tug on the eardrums of American citizens, FDR was the 1st President to turn it into a form of advertising an agenda with personality. With the advent of regular scheduled television right after WWII, shows like Howdy Doody, Ed Sullivan, and Crusader Rabbit appeared, and then politics started to creep into the electronic arena. In the 50’s, Hollywood became a major player in Presidential elections. With endless money and ambitions that sought out government approval, tinsel town started to influence who would run the show. Using movie stars and endless television commercials paid for by sponsoring interests, the elections can be swayed. With no average citizen knowing a candidate’s true direction, they rely on that gigantic California industry to help them cast their vote. In the 2020 election with forecasts and educated analyses, the real result shows up on a Wednesday following the vote. Using SNL as an accurate barometer, one already knows that the Democratic candidate will win. How’s that? Alix Balwin’s contract as the incumbent will expire in February 2021. Meanwhile Jim Currey’s commitment as the new President signed a 2-year deal, thus, indicating that the United States will have its very first woman President halfway through the term. 

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