Out in northern Nevada’s ripples of north-south mountain ranges and valleys lie quite a few ghost towns. These boom-bust communities are there because of valuable minerals and, like a golden tooth in a funeral home, needed extraction. As the towns grew and diversified, rules had to be imposed because that’s what people do to protect their shit. Being a democratic society meant that elections had to be held, and that politicians ran for offices to delegate what needed to be done. As the communities enlarged, a town board of an odd number of individuals were either elected or appointed by the mayor to oversee the direction of growth. As new ideas or businesses were proposed to the village, town folks could voice their opinions at a town hall and then these committee members could vote on the outcome; hence, the odd number to create a majority. If the vast majority of the citizens voiced a negative response, then those 3,5,7, or 9 members would pick up their gavels and hammer out a yea or nay verdict. If the monies are in the right pocket, then the hammers come down as a yea. Majority vote amongst citizens is nonexistent, because the vast majority of people are ignorant of the issue, are easy to sway with deception, and are emotionally unstable. But hey, guess what? The committee members are people. They think they are different because they met personally with the businessman who’s looking to get something in his favor. This whole system of capitalism and democracy revolves around this principle. Bitching starts when the outcome doesn’t suit their wishes for profitability. The concept works at times, because regardless of the party in power at the time, something is being accomplished. The free societies of the world are given a choice: like it or leave it. In northern Nevada, just like the country it resides in, America, there are plenty of ghost towns or remnants of cities in ruins out there to prove this fantastic concept works just great. 

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