In a democratic society, 2 or more individuals will compete for an office. The winner will start pushing for their promises that were part of their platform; and in time, their final decisions become law. The new law will then allow 2 different groups to increase their monetary gain. The sweetness of money is a powerful promoter of work. Just like a picnic lunch in the great outdoors, that sliced open watermelon is going to attract ants from all 4 cardinal directions. The efficiency of those little constituents is amazing as the ants have been enticed to go to work. In a short time, the entire watermelon has been carted off and the biting buggers have been rewarded with a red sugar (blood money) because blood, sweat, and tears were shed to acquire the prize. This motivation is in all living creatures to some degree, but the greedy (f)ducks steal the cake. These govern(mental) figures, known as politicians, get the picnic started. With the majority of votes secured (unless you have an electoral college to insure that no honest person will ever be President) you are now free to implement plans that will make your generous supporters rich. Putting many people to work to attain a goal that may or may not benefit society as a “ho”, the politicians only goal is to crack open that watermelon. As the seeds of success are scattered to the working, voting ants, most are happy, but now that second group comes out of the woodwork to get their share of the pie. These non-productive ants, or anti-ants, also have a goal in society. By breaking the recently enacted law by not following the rules, these criminals have created a cascade of cash in such sectors as law enforcement, criminal justice courts, incarceration facilities, lawyers, and service companies to build and maintain the whole operation. This secondary industry generates revenue to all those employed in its functions, which then gets taxed and keeps all the ants on the picnic grounds of society very happy. 

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