The Skeleton Woman took great pride in displaying her pneumatic, Great Pumpkin Witch action figure on her north castle’s entryway. The Skeleton Woman and her love potion-enslavened husband, Skeleton Man, owns 2 castles that are separated by a broom’s flight distance. The northern castle overlooks the Loch Columbia, a small jewel in a necklace of watery amulets that pepper the landscape in the land of the King. The southern castle is nestled in Wau-tsha, named after the leader of the Bodewadmi Indians who were chased from the Great Ocean to this forested glade by the greedy and reproductively active White Snakes. The Skeleton People descended from these White Snakes and carried with them a drive to attain and collect green paper to portray their importance to others. The bigger the pile of green paper, the more revered one expects from others with lesser green paper. Green paper denotes respect due to hard work and planning, however the White Snakes cannot show their piles directly. This would cause other White Snakes to kill and steal for it. So lesser objects are displayed at their castles to show just how high their pile might be. Most objects are big and heavy, like swimming pools, but during certain celebrations, White Snakes buy lighter objects from the land of cheap magic called China. The Great Pumpkin Witch was such an item. Proudly displayed at the entry of the northern castle, this apotropaic figure was an easy target for theft by the lower members of the White Snakes and brought anger to the Skeleton People when it disappeared. Suspecting a gargoyle-like bell ringer, the Skeleton Woman threw evil spells at the perpetrator and hexed his existence to hell. But, in reality, the old Great Pumpkin Witch used her pneumatic powers and flew, through the magic bestowed upon her by the Chineese warlocks, to the southern castle to protect the Skeleton People where the temperatures were considerably warmer. The perpetrator was unjustly accused. 

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