Samhain is an ancient Celtic ritual that occurred just after the summer ended. It was thought that the barrier between the living and the dead became quite thin, so bonfires and costumes were needed to keep the spirits at bay or else the evil would permeate through. Not to be outdone, the Christian religion moved All Saints Day from May 13th to November 1st to coincide with the pagan celebration and October 31st became the eve of the hallowed. It threw in some gifting to persuade the masses to join their operations and Halloween was born. In the industrial age, this celebration was marketed to help businesses in the confectionery and tailoring sectors prosper through its encouragement of candy and costumes. Today, people in America are projected to fork over 9 billion dollars this year to celebrate Halloween, which exceeds the Gross National Product of 34 countries. Scary. The whole concept of this ritual is to increase the membership of the sect and keep its coffers stuffed with cash. This is accomplished with fear, favor, and fantasy. Using evil spirits to frighten a victim, this will get them running to the first protective guardian they encounter. Meet Father Brown. Nothing will get a child brain to follow the Pied Piper more than a flute full of candy. Careful on the analogy. But the most effective tool for the fertile is sexual fantasies brought out by dressing provocatively. Costumed in revealing outfits, alluring professions, and lustful behavior gets all the juices flowing. Coinciding with the rut of the Cervidae family (deer, elk, and moose), the reproduction ritual is nature’s way of selecting the best of the breed. In humans, choice can be manipulated with deceit, disguise, and lies. Using alcohol as a deceiver and costumes as a disguise, the female lies on her back and fertilization takes place where nature never intended. In the US, without the old courtship rituals intact, the overall intelligence of the human race is declining. 

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