Tom Bishnell cautiously strolled into the courtroom as his heart rate increased one beat per minute per step as he approached his position in the defendant’s seat. Stationed at the highest point of the judge’s bench, was a TV monitor 6 foot square, that displayed an imposing image of a bunker full of computer equipment located in a secret and secure location deep underneath Camp David, Maryland. This projected picture of millions of glowing LEDs and throbbing mechanical equipment designed to cool the complex to within a half a degree of 70°F; the temperature deemed perfect for Deep Brown (DB). DB is the entire judiciary system of the Unites States of America rolled up into one gigantic, electronic complex safe from human intervention and sabotage. All legal challenges and decisions are routed to the omnipotent DB for its expertise, using precedents and vast memory to obtain a complete and final ruling in all types of legal proceedings. Judges, being human and therefore flawed, have been removed and replaced with an interactive relay station installed in all courtrooms throughout the country. Appeals have been banned, because a decision from DB is infallible and a negative response to this resolution is grounds for illumination. Tom Bishnell was a lawyer who, decades ago, represented citizens in tort cases (product liabilities). Recently, Tom saw what he deemed a flaw in the decision by DB in a case involving the Foxconn Advanced Group. Mr. Bishnell, suffering from pancreatic cancer filed a motion to overturn the landmark ruling as his final court appearance. As he stood in front the black gowned monitor awaiting its determination, Tom knew his physical suffering would be short lived. The words, “Klattu barrada nixto” emanated from speakers next to the authoritative adjudicator and a small device, named Gort, started pulsating out a red beam at the defendant. Mr. Tom Bishnell’s essence was permanently illuminated into a glowing, deadly smoke.

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