In the next ten years, as all the Baby Boomers exit the work force and turn over the command of the American Production Enterprise (APE) to the X Generation, major technological innovations will materialize. With labor and engineering being supplied primarily by the Millenniums (Y), and the entry level jobs being filled by the tech savvy Z generation, rapid, new technologies will push their way into mainstream America. Among the vast improvements will be custom, energy-efficient housing coupled with individuality. The spray foam world will explode. Housing will consist of medium-sized houses built off foam mats. No more basements and their inherent flooding and moisture problems. This new structural foam will be erected in one day with a crane operated by a computer program. A solid iron heat sink will be incorporated into the base to maintain a 1-degree temperature differential year-round in all climates and to supply weight to firmly anchor the house, up to a class 5 tornado. The iron will be supplied by all the old trains that have been replaced by electric vans. Embedded into the foam surfaces will be wireless pixel panels produced by Foxconn Advanced Group (FAG). Hooked up to a Wi-Fi system, these panels will be controlled by a computer to display, both inside and out, lifelike 3D images. From the street, the images projected will be a stone Tudor style house, the next month the same house displays a red brick ranch, the next, a log cabin; and at Christmas, it’s the Griswold’s. The combinations are endless, and no energy robbing windows are needed, only 2 doors are required. Like all new technologies, humans plow into them full speed ahead. The ugly problem that surfaced years down the road is that by projecting these facades with low energy lazers, certain angles combined energy. The sad result is slow blindness. The Z Generation parents will send their kids off to universities to become elite LAZER LAWYERS. It’s a Braille new world.

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