An advanced civilization existed in Northeast Africa that pushed the limits of architecture, engineering, and a written language that was later called hieroglyphics. Linguists spent decades deciphering this logographic writing system and, from their efforts, were able to extract a great amount of information from this extinct civilization. The key to a culture is in its recorded thoughts and dreams. Someone long ago perceived the idea of an immortal life and 5,000 years later, the Pyramids still exist but the ancient people are long gone due to the survival gene, KBK (Kill or Be Killed). This internal “centurion” will, in the near future, terminate the vast majority of the inhabitants of earth with its nuclear weapons. Some remote islanders and a few scientists stationed at the South Pole will be called upon to repopulate the planet. Thousands of years from now, when the deadly radioactive dust settles, humans, with their inquisitive nature, will start poking around the ruins of the Ancient Ones (us). With all the written text gone in the fires and all electronic information obliterated by the ElectroMagnetic Pulse, the future scientists, speaking a completely new language, will sift through old landfills looking for clues. With their thick dirt caps protecting the contents, all organic material has been fossilized by toxic chemicals over the eons, as they will attempt to understand, the Ancient Ones. Thinking they have found the ancient scripts, they will try to decipher those mineralized “tablets” left behind with the dark 3D symbols on a light background encoded into them. No prior records exist to enlighten them to the fact that they are attempting to understand the petrified remains of a utilitarian device that is mistakenly perceived to be the ROSETTA STONE, a famous translation tablet. Unknown to the current scholars, the dead inhabitants of a world destroyed long ago used to call these fossilized “documents”, a used diaper. 

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