Dr. Jeff Muleborrower was in his laboratory examining the text laid out on his work bench. Extracted from site 19V, the tinged yellow tablet was opened up, exposing the dark brown geometric symbols of the Orgemite crystal formation within. Dr. Muleborrower, a renounced linguist from the University of Antarctica, Ross Shelf Campus, was an astute researcher in the field of Anasazi Tablets. These tablets were extracted from multiple landfills surrounding the vaporized cities of the Ancient Ones, a civilization that was at its peak thousands of years ago. These tablets were thought to contain the great wisdom of the society at the time. The ongoing research is now in its third decade with more questions than answers to show for its efforts. The random patterns and 3D folds of the internal text is completely baffling to all attempts to translate it. The encasement structure seems to be a manufactured cover for the wildly erratic literature contained within. Most times it is folded over the intelligence and must be cut open with a diamond blade and pushed back. Other times it looks as though the hasty ancients wrote their thoughts and threw it into their libraries. Tough to decipher accurately. What is known as a fact, is that the Ancient Ones had symbols that closely resembles present day peanuts and corn that showed up in the writings and are thought to represent gods. These rock structures pepper the story within and are the starting points for their language interpretations. Jeff and his lovely assistants, Dr. Claire All and the bright and talented Dr. Shoe Inn from the Antarctica Peninsula, discuss their interpretations and begin to formulate theories of the fissured textures as the underlying bedrock of the ancient one’s thought process. Their stern boss, General Cora, is looking for a breakthrough in this field and demands a complete report by Friday. Jeff sighs and remarks to his team, “this just looks like a bunch of shit to me.” 

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