Religions are the recorded stories and beliefs of people who died a long time ago. Their scriptures (sacred writings) command veneration and many copies of these have been distributed throughout the ages to perpetrate the belief. Without printed material, the lessons must be told through story tellers. Embellishment and inaccuracies do occur which create new orders or sects that are viewed as heretical by the mainstream congregation. This explains why Christianity, the largest religion with 2.1 billion members has, in excess of, 10 sects. Islam which lags Christianity by 6 centuries, has 1.3 billion members and 2 sects, Sunni (about 85%) and Shia (about 15%). Third in numbers is Hinduism with 900 million members and 4th is Buddhist with just over 500 million. Throw in another billion consisting of traditional Chinese religion, primal/indigenous, and uniques, and there remains 1 billion individuals who have no religion at all. This installs them as the real 3rd place group as far as numbers goes. Being humans, they would have a tendency to believe in something, so science usually becomes their choice. Their churches are museums that display anthropology, geology, natural history, science and industry, and space. Their sacred sites are national parks, Cape Canaveral, the Nevada Test Site, the Pyramids and Lucy’s home in Hadar, Ethiopia. Their bibles are National Geographic, Aviation Week, Space Technology, Popular Science, Engineering News Record, and Mad Magazine. They face east when the sun sets west because it blinds them. They go on their knees when they propose or feel like barfing. They bow their head when their mother-in-law falls down uninjured and are camouflaging their laughter. They give the sign of the cross when they pick 4 pieces of cat hair off the front of their hoodie. These atheists and agnostics are as fervent or as phony as any holy roller from any religion and will spend eternity in a cemetery just like the rest of them.

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