The apex predators that dominate the earth are a fierce lot, but the Antenna Apex predators that stand on top of the heap and broadcast their superiority, are in a perpetual state of war with the environment and especially with themselves. The OH-NO Sapiens must be doing something right. They are still here in record numbers due to alliances in the form of military Armed Forces and underground organizations estimated to be 276 armed militias in the US alone. While other predators have dwindled, or went extinct, humans infest all outposts of planet earth and are even considering permanently polluting another planet with their presence. This concept was presented by Academia when realizing, if you go to war with the environment (Mother Earth), you will lose. As the planet cringes every time another hole is bored into her to release her hydrocarbons, the end result is a toxic atmosphere that will eventually drive the Antenna Apex into an aggressive, agitated state. This group, with arms and 10 digits at the extremities, has evolved to point the blame on a fellow set of humans, and then start pulling triggers to eradicate this enemy. Eventually the fingers will push the buttons that, RELEASE THE KRAKEN, and crack open the sky with fires that will obliterate nearly all lifeforms that this planet took 3 billion years to produce. ASScendacy at its finest. To save mankind from his inevitable demise, scientists are working on ways to spread this rein of stupidity throughout the solar system. What a great idea. Take this deadly creature and throw it into the wind. Instead of throwing the trash out, merely modify the trash into treasure. Don’t go into outer space, go into inner space, and rewire the transmitter that is broadcasting all this destructiveness. Find the hatred circuit and modify it to telecast positive ideas. Without it, the Antenna Apex will turn Earth into a Mars. A red planet soaked with the blood of all its former, crushed occupants.

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