The OH-NO Sapiens who infest this planet are living proof that God is not infallible, nor omnipotent, or even a god. These greedy, lazy, and selfish sewer rats that scramble around the terra firma, fly through the aira nonfirma, and propel their disgusting hides on top of and under aqua liqua are the most despicable life forms God has ever had the misfortune of shoveling guts into. He either had a severe addiction problem, or a sick sense of humor, when He stuffed about 3 pounds of “grayt” matter into that corrosive cranium, that generates nothing but evil thoughts of their own importance and superiority. All of man’s accomplishments are generated by war or the eternal threat of destruction. The entire US Interstate System was not built to get the Smith family to the lake cottage quicker, but was inspired by President Eisenhower to move military equipment to hot zones rapidly. The bridges are designed to support fast moving tanks and the highways, at certain intervals, are capable of landing troop and material aircraft. As a backup to railroads, the Interstate moves massive amounts of materials to factories for weapons production. In rare times of peace, they make Yo-Yos, a retractable weapon at 3 feet. Humans have spread across the globe, driven by curiosity, but mostly by the desire to vanquish other lands with natural resources for weapons production. Some bands are driven off or assimilated by the victors to make their group stronger. There’s safety in numbers. This capture/conquer process has been playing out since man started pissing to mark his territory and still plays out today. Turn on the news and its full of conflict, whether its religious, political, or racial. The trend only amplifies as the populations grow. A good human deed story closes out the program, as journalists scour the internet to find a compassionate tale to make you feel good; and if it goes viral, it’s a national treasure. Humans: you’ve got to love them to death. 

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