The year is 2193CE, and the vessel, NINA, is on a routine trip to Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. Its mission is to harvest a new batch of humans and deliver them to the Kuiper Belt for delivery to the Edwardoes from the Epsilon system. Granymede is a nursery for growing OH-NO Sapiens in an accelerated format from select DNA. In the year 2021, the human race saw fit to obliterate all but a few scientists from a population of 8 billion people and millions of life forms. The decision hinged on the work of Dr. Keem Marker, a renowned geneticist, who discovered the Pacifist Gene that lead to a remarkable transformation of planet Earth’s top predator, Man. It rendered him unable to ever kill. This breakthrough event was set to be unleashed on a very violent African tribe known as the Koffins and was to be financed by the American government. However, a few religious groups objected, and the funds were redirected to a new matter/antimatter weapon under development, that far surpassed a nuclear weapon in destructiveness. When a heated argument erupted at the United Nations, a lone nation with 6 of these weapons destroyed the UN and New York City along with it. It also blew off the other 5 in the remaining continent’s largest cities. Only Antarctica was spared. With the hatred part of the human brain in full retaliatory mode, it was a short time before the world lay in utter and complete ruins. The scientists at the bottom of the world knew the planet was doomed and built a spacecraft to save the remnants of humanity. The current Earth is now a mini sun and supplies warmth to Ganymede where the surviving people have restarted the population. Excess and defective humans are sold off to newly discovered intelligent life forms that witnessed the carnage on earth. They wish to stock their zoos with these rare creatures, and this generates wealth for the remaining lot. New humans are paid for, in gem quality rocks from other planets. PRICELESS.

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