As the last Baby Boomer exits out the turnstiles at the retirement gate, the remaining X Generation people now in charge are a pushover for the up and coming Millenniums. The current billionaires in computers are influencing the new rising stars to become trillionaires from a box full of transistors. It’s all about the “hits”. If someone is enamored with a web site and can convince enough people to look at the site, it draws the attention of companies who advertise there. This pays the producer of the site. In time, millionaires are created, but the new money will be in the field of Disaster Gladiators. These are preplanned escapades that result in injuries, maiming, and for full effect, horrible deaths. It started with BEAR TRAP. A creative lot that played GRAND THEFT AUTO for years as kids, came up with the idea to make a swimming raft and donate it to a boy scout camp. Unbeknownst to the camp director, the 4 plastic drums that made the raft float were partially filled with bear bait. Totally sealed, until the weight of a group of boys got on the raft and released the scent into the air. Four grizzly bears, injected with the gorging hormone that bears experience before hibernation, are released nearby. As the boy scouts frolicked on the raft, the bears started swimming out to the raft from 4 different directions. Cameras with HD and instant replay caught the carnage. Unable to swim to safety, the boys panicked and incited the 1000-pound bears into a feeding frenzy; all of this transmitted live and in full color. The HITS reached 1 billion in 6 hours. Energy drinks and alcoholic beverages were the first to advertise, followed by cigarette companies and penis enhancers. Money flowed in as blood flowed out. Little Bobby’s pulsating carotid artery was played over and over, setting the record for the most times one person could die. More schemes are in the works as all viewers are dying to see the newest ideas to that will sell a boatload of shit.

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