The offspring of the X Generation were born from 1981 thru 1996, and these Y Generation lovelies are creating a stir in the workforce, that is, if they can hold a job. Raised as the most educated and least disciplined in most cases, they coast through life with the same expectations they grew up with. If I show up, I’ll get a ribbon; if I participate, I’ll get a trophy. Prior generations were doled out strict behavior rules via violence. A self-perpetuating ritual evident in the animal world. Watch what happens to a kitten or puppy when it gets out of line; a quick nip by ma will set their errant ways correct. Over time, humans have saw fit to remove this ploy in order to stop violent behavior in children. They have chosen to enact the old adage: SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD. In order to facilitate this movement, hidden camera technology blossomed as everyone was being watched in public. The 6 o’clock news would televise the strained mother unload on her bratty kid. Horrific. Over time, it was all about the CLEAVER talks (LEAVE IT TO BEAVER) that pushed nonviolent methods to discipline children. Yet violence is a deep-rooted survival tool built into all. Just start a war and watch it surface like a killer whale in a seal feeding frenzy. In order to enhance this trait, realistic video games appeared with shootings, beatings and blood splattering scenes thrown at the viewers (children). They got very good at it. After the Columbine Incident, more games hit the shelf. The current Baby Boomers at the helm try and keep it in check, but the upcoming generations are pushing the limits for video violence and its realistic portrayal. Greed exceeds need. Born and raised with computers and its interactions with people, Millenniums have thrived on this medium their whole lives.  When given complete control they will take this to a new level never thought possible by the parents and grandparents of this era. 3D video games that inflict pain on its players.

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