The fruit colored horizon was speckled with banana yellow oaks, apple red maples, and orange ash trees sporting dying leaves that screamed intense hues before they succumbed to nature’s last call. Under this kaleidoscope canopy were men in camouflage and orange apparel seeking the chance to take a common animal’s life and bring food to his family’s table, so that they can survive the winter’s leanness. But, in today’s modern society, where sugar and salt saturate the processed foods in the pantry, hunting the 5 species of deer in North America still occurs in its ritualistic splendor. The attraction for the American male is a short interval of freedom from his family’s dramas, camaraderie amongst the male clan, and a feeling of independence, alone in the woods and deadly. The deer are out there, dumb as the dead leaves and behaving recklessly because of nature’s chemical influence to procreate. The hunted and the hunters share a common trait, they are both there to inseminate the eggs that hangs in the female’s uterus like an apple waiting to be harvested. The bucks seek as many does that are giving off pheromones to influence their sex drives and mating habits. This drive insures the continuance of the species. But in a civilized world with the deer’s usual predators removed by man, he must cull the herd himself or they will decimate his food supply out in the fields. After the rut, the human predators withdraw back to their lairs and celebrate 3 holidays in 5 weeks. Thanksgiving, a festival of feast, Christmas, a time of giving, and New Year’s, a welcoming of the fresh. These are the drivers for mankind to procreate as the male now hunts the beaver for reproduction. Feeling chemically happy from feast, freedom, and festivities, the male seeks and conquers his furry quarry and waits until August or September (the months with the most human births), for his seed to show. This beaver hunting success has now been extended year-round with excellent results.

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