This form of medical intervention was conceived in Germany in 1798 by a physician who observed that some form of poison was causing healthy people to get sick. His conclusion was that the body can cure itself, if it is exposed to small amounts of these chemicals and formulate an antidote. It is popular in Europe, and especially in Germany, where the insurance companies cover over 70% of the homeopathy treatments. The medical methods of instilling such cures are to take chemical toxins and dilute it in water or alcohol. Choreographed mixing is the key, in that the more it is diluted the more effective it is. Results are inconclusive, so the current Medical Industrial Complex has labeled it a pseudoscience. Yet, many patients swear by it, just like acupuncture, so the “placebo effect” is the response for its condemnation. Looking at the present-day treatments for cancers in mainstream medicine, it resembles homeopathy in a reverse mode. Taking toxins in the form of compounds derived from crude oil products (pharmaceuticals) and administering them in huge doses, the treatment is known as chemotherapy. With some successes, just like in homeopathy, this is the latest cure for cancers. To the individuals and families who saw improvements (remissions), this was golden, but to the others who watched their loved ones shrivel up and suffer tremendously from the side effects, this is a pseudoscience. However, it is the best so far, right behind blasting cancers away with intense, nearly lethal radiation. Some get better, some die. Humans need to face the fact that the current knowledge of the medical field is severely lacking in accurate information, but not loot. It’s just a business. Improvements have definitely occurred in the last century, but when an industry can make a fortune on life’s only guarantee: that you WILL die, that fear perpetuates the greed. The future doctors will laugh at our cures and label us barbarians, just like our critique of past quacks. 

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