The Islamic religion did what all old religions do; it split. Back in the 7th century when the founder Muhammad died, the decision as to who will lead the faith caused a disagreement in the sect. The Sunnis believed the heir to be was Abu Bakr, while the Shiites felt the position should go to Ali, Muhammad’s cousin. Since that fateful day, an untold number of Muslims have died over this dispute. The same holds true in most religions. Defiant disagreement equals death. Since then, the Middle East has been a war-ravaged region with no end in sight. The area is totally treeless, and the sun shines relentlessly. Heat destroys patience. Throw in another religious belief (Judaism) in the area and stand back. Hypergolic reactions will ignite wars. Trapped in a region for centuries, the intelligent choice would be to move one group to the New World in the 15th century, but their old enemies, the Europeans, beat them to the Neolands and hindered immigration. After the scoundrels stole their resources (oil) during the later Industrial Revolution, the Arabs retaliated. A plan was devised to eliminate the belligerents in the US and move out one Islamic sect. Operation SMELLOWS proceeded and was successful. The anorexic American skeletons picked clean by the animal scavengers were relocated to the closest State Capitols and interned inside as a mausoleum. You could get millions of these boney structures inside these magnificent stone buildings that were standing vacant. The Pentagon was the final resting place for tens of millions of souls. The Shiites (only 10 to 15 % of Muslims) were left behind in the Middle East. The minority gets the kitty litter box terrain. The Sunnis, after clearing the dead, needed to dispose of the dangerous weapons left behind. They locked them up in fitting locations, bomb shelters. The Sunnis erected a memorial to all the victims. It is a 150 ft. diameter yellow and black marshmallow sculpture skewered onto the Washington Monument. 

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