The Arab Dhow sporting lavender sails, flapping from the dual masts that exit the deck 15° off of vertical, slowly plies its way up the Hudson River. Passing Manhattan on the right at a brisk 9 knots, the crew strains for any sounds of civilization. Other than the seagulls that infest the island, not one decibel carries any signs of humanity. Although cars litter the streets to parking lot intensity, not one horn is heard in a town that sported that sound as the background music for the most densely populated city in the United States: New York. A complete ghost town. The sailors on board find it hard to fathom that a giant modern city could go lifeless in 1 generation (20 years). This flagship of America displays the same outcome as all the other cities in the U.S., they’re dead. The most populated places left in this wasteland are pockets of communities that range from groups of 20 to 200 people. The smoking gun that brought down the house was an entertainment franchise known as SMELLOWS. With their yellow and black sex stimulating marshmallows, it managed to rewrite the survival rules implanted in the heads of humans. Instead of self-preservation, the sex drive overtook all. A secret Arab science organization was tired of US interference and launched a terrorist infiltration in the form of a sugary gas attack. By eating these “non addictive and safe” SMELLOWS, all the occupants of America were too busy having sex. They became emaciated and started to die but could not stop. Overproduction of sperm created tailless swimmers which never reached the egg. The population plummeted. The Arab plan was to initiate this country to self-destruct and then separate the Sunnis from the Shiites by moving the Sunnis to America to attain lasting peace in the Mideast. Mission accomplished. The Arab ship is full of Suni pilgrims. For the first time in human history, an entire nation of people has managed to annihilate all, by fucking themselves to death. 

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