Thought formation pathways throughout the human brain is similar to a road map of London, England. The complexities of this old city, created prior to zoning boards, lend itself to the hardest test ever conceived by man. THE KNOWLEDGE. This exam is given to London Taxi Cab Trainees and requires a minimum of two years of memorizing all the streets of London. This must be passed before a Cabbie license is issued. This intricate, unmethodical layout duplicates the electrical pulses that flow through the brain when trying to solve a problem. As the ears or eyes are given information, the race is on to seek a route to an intelligent answer quickly. The electrical trail constructed through the numerous neurons of the gray goop is generated by prior experiences laid down earlier in life. The more experiences, the faster and more logical the decision will be. A good, all around, diverse background for establishing these encounters would be to spend your childhood growing up in a busy whorehouse, in a war zone, with an active volcano in your backyard and multiethnic neighbors. If you survived to adulthood, your decisions would be instantaneous and correct by the mere fact you are still alive. Indecisions and wrong decisions, due to poor judgement caused by a lack of experiences, will leave a huge heap of hapless humans dead. Every day, decisions are presented to people, either through fate or simple encounters, and most are trivial, such as choosing a paint color, an item off a menu, or what accessorized outfit would go good with the cushions on the chairs at the Performing Art Center. However, in rare instances it can be a life-or-death decision. The wrong choice can lead you to smashing violently into the Albert Hall or drowning in the Thames River. Not a good resume for a Cabbie (you) trying to make his way through life (London) in his frail body (cab). THE REAL KNOWLEDGE is an exam that takes a lifetime of experiences to master and old age is the reward.

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