In America, there are 32 states that utilize capital punishment with the predominant means being lethal injections. Alternate acceptable avenues are firing squad, gassing, electrocution, and hanging. With over 14,300 executions since 1800, and nearly 3,000 inmates on death row, the United States leads the democratic, industrial nations in murdering its own citizens, including juveniles. The underlying root to the problem is an unrestrained brain seeking to gain sex, money, power, revenge, and a few other excuses that allows the brain to reason that killing another human is acceptable. War is an exception. Governments will train, arm, and transport their soldiers to foreign or regional soil to kill individuals who are deemed the enemy by the officials in charge with fictional accusations. War is all about who’s running the show and murder is the matinee. If caught by law enforcement agencies, the criminals are given a fair(?) trial. Money and mouthpieces (lawyers) determine the real outcome. As in the case of OJ Simpleton, big insurance companies that just finished paying a huge settlement for the riots that followed the Roddy King trial, instructions were secretly given to find him innocent. They would NOT pay for a new riot. The worn-down jury did not understand what water does to leather, what hand flexing and a salty diet does to human tissue, and how an actor can sway an audience. Two people were murdered, and the culprit went off to hide his money from the victims’ families who won the civil lawsuit for unlawful death. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. In heinous and shocking murders, the perpetrator usually gets the death penalty if convicted in one of the states that seeks the death penalty. But is a quick death really a punishment for someone who has violently taken a life? Or is it a better damnation if encased in a mental prison that is full of human animals and little freedoms? This is cruel and unjust punishment for murderers and marriage partners. 

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