It was late morning on a blustery, overcast Chicago day, when 2 strangers were seen walking just north of Whiskey Row. Unusual as it was seeing 2 Santas, it was nothing out of the ordinary in this part of town. With multiple railway tracks and a spur canal known as Bubbly Creek coming off the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, strange transients from everywhere were commonplace. Bill Marker, the vampire Santa, and his new soul mate, Tom Ricco, a zombie Santa, were on their way over to McKinley Park in search of a ghastly brunch. The park was notorious for harboring the homeless, so the 2 nefarious nomads elected to dine in. On the edge of the woods 10 feet in, they located their victim, a former US Marine who served in Viet Nam in the mid 60’s doing search-and-destroy missions for LBJ. The toll of taking the lives of ordinary farmers half a world away was too much for the serviceman from the Midwest. His country abandons him, and their citizens despised him for his violent actions. He turned to alcohol and heroin to cope with the guilt and found a home bordering the stench of the stockyards where civility languished behind the lust of meat. From his tiny campsite, he saw the 2 Santas approaching and he took no defensive actions. With a quick look around to see if they were being observed, the devilish duo pounced on their victim and held his windpipe closed as they jammed their metallic straws deep into his chest and up into his brain through his nostril. The Marine, who was trained to kill, figured his victims came to impart revenge in the image of Santa Claus for his younger war atrocities and succumbed to their attack. He was dead in 11 quick heartbeats. As the monstrous maniacs finished their feast, Bill did something that hugely upset Tom. The alcohol that was still in the Marine’s system triggered Bill to extreme violence. He crushed the veteran’s skull with his superhuman strength. The bond between the 2 freaks was severed forever.

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