The ensuing fracas between the infuriated Santas drew the attention of the few ordinary people in the park. With Tom Ricco enraged at the desecration of the body of their sacrificial meal by Bill Marker, he tore into his enemy with full amplification of his hatred. Zombie Tom lunged at his red eyed foe and tried to rip his head off, but the much stronger vampire merely threw his opponent out of the woods and into the park’s clearing for all to view. Among the spectators was a businessman named Dave and his youngest daughter that he nicknamed Wandy. Dave was at the stockyards earlier to secure a deal for a large quantity of Angus beef for his restaurant chain that he had envisioned. He had taken his daughter to the park to play on the swings while the affluent beef barons discussed his proposals. The little girl could not fathom the scene unfolding before her, as the 2 Santa Clauses fought fangs and nails out in the clearing before her. She witnessed the ferocity of the orange-eyed Santa as he struggled to annihilate the stronger, red-eyed Santa who soon took control of the situation. With the weaker Santa on the ground and the extremely agitated, red-eyed Santa going over to the parking lot and picking up a concrete parking stop like it was a Kit Kat stick, Wandy needed to act fast if she was to be going to help the downed Santa. Earlier, she saw 2 city workers in the park trimming back damaged elm trees. When they observed the animalistic intensity that these 2 Santas were displaying, they ran like hell. Leaving behind the running chainsaw on the grass, Wandy saw her only opportunity. As the red eyed Santa came close to the downed, orange-eyed Santa, he lifted the 200-pound concrete beam over his head as he was about to smash the skull of poor Tom. Wandy with one quick dash grabbed the chain saw and squeezed the throttle wide open. She ran over to the picnic table next to Tom and, with 2 leaps up, severed the head off of the bad Santa. 

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