The silence penetrated McKinley Park like a fog bank as the chain saw ground to a halt trying to idle through caked flesh stuck up inside the drive sprocket. Bill Marker, the vampire Mall Santa from Fargo, lay dead on the grass. His body was laying down where it fell and his severed head had rolled between the legs of a mesmerized Tom Ricco, the zombie Mall Santa from Atlanta. The glowing red eyes were staring at the darkened sky and ever so slowly the intense glimmer began to wane.  Wandy set the chain saw on the picnic table and looked into Tom’s orange eyes, wondering if her work was not concluded. Tom’s visual sadness told a story of remorse and shame and put Wandy’s question to rest. Her panicked dad, Dave, ran over to the wooden feast bench and he stared in disbelief as the carnage that had just occurred, set no hooks of fear into his daughter. She appeared calm and confident in her task that had now subsided. Dave slowly walked up to his daughter standing on her podium of justice and hugged her. He lifted her 9-year-old frame that supported a lifetime’s worth of horror and carried her back to their hotel that was 7 blocks away. Later, his respect for her courage was reflected in naming his business venture after her. Tom Ricco gathered his composure and pulled himself upright. He surveyed the damage that lay strewn nearby. His best friend of one day, and worst enemy of one hour, laid in 2 pieces at his feet. His life-giving breakfast was 50 feet away in the bushes with a crushed skull, lacking 12 pounds of liquids and a central processing lump. Not good. Way out in the distance, he heard sirens that were gaining in amplitude. The tree trimmers had dropped a dime and the spoilers were coming. Assessing his dilemma, Tom made his fateful decision. He took a stick and cleared out the drive sprocket, fired up the screaming saw, and quickly pulled the bar across his throat. Over at the slaughterhouse, 18 million animals died that year. 

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