In the sleepy burg that became famous in the 1930’s as a hysterical project executed by the United States Department of Agricultural, Geindale, Wisconsin was 1 of 3 such projects in the US. The other 2 communities are: Greenbelt, Maryland and Greenhills, Ohio, but are not the subject of this story as the evil has only perpetrated the Wisconsin location. Acquiring 3,400 acres of farmland, 366 buildings were erected in various floorplans to accommodate units in 1-,2-,3- and 4-bedroom configurations. The entire complex was rented out at affordable rates to qualifying families with the surrounding land to remain farmland as a buffer from the encroaching city of Moowaukie. The idea was sound, but the execution was flawed. It seems the entire area hundreds of years ago was a native Potowotomammamia (POW) camp. The POW’s were a fierce Indigenous tribe that took prisoners from surrounding villages. The heathens would then kill their victims and removed all their skin to be used as a teepee covering. The bones were lashed together to form the teepee frames and the muscles and tendons of the unfortunates were sold to an adjoining tribe to the north known as the Dahmmers. This group would travel the Loomis Trail to Geindale to purchase the meat and eat it as a high protein meal because the normal staple of maize wasn’t cutting it as an adequate foodstuff and lacked culinary diversity. The viscerals of the poor souls were used as fish food in a local waterway known as Scout Lake and the fish were later harvested by the POW’s to be eaten on the eve of the winter solstice. It was during this ritual that the souls of the slaughtered were injected into the local felines and to this day they wander in search of their original human life forms. Led by a cat named Alice the Goon, the ancient ones, now locked in cat bodies, steal the effigies of human forms placed by the current residents of Geindale and occupy their blow-up bodies to obtain eternal rest and peace. God bless them. 

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