Charlie Duesie was holed up in his gaunt, glass high-rise along with his wife, Dittie, and their little wolf appetizer dog named Luzer. Adjustments in this octogenarian couple had to be made because, decades ago, they roamed freely in the privacy of their own home. Sporting the birthday suits of their first 50 years of marriage, the loving couple embraced nakedness as a right of youth. Once the single-family homes were outlawed, 8 years ago, due to their ability to harbor and mutate the viral killers, they were all torn down and 12′ wide glass high-rises popped up to house the survivors of the great COVID-19 kill-off. Resembling stacked trailers that used to supply Tornado Alley in Texas with wreckage every time a Category 1 twister showed up, these tin Twinkies were cheap housing for the masses. Now every American is mandated to live in these UV exposed housing units to try and kill the tiny killers that spilled into the streets of China a decade ago. Curtains are outlawed, so privacy is a memory. All human behavior is now exposed to all the neighbors in adjoining units. Modesty is mandated; there is little to boast about. Charlie and Dittie spent their youth in the era of the hippies and have had sex in love-ins. To them, this quarantine mandate was a ticket to their past as they now could again show their carnal knowledge in public. Ignoring the scars of their time ravaged bodies, they performed their pornographic past to the delight of 31 residents of the surrounding complexes. They cheered as Charlie chugged away. Upon a fantastic closure of total ecstasy, the 2 bodies lie motionless for 10 minutes as the viewers wondered if everything was OK. Then, Mr. Duesie dismounted his philly and walked over to the southern glass wall and stood naked for all to see. His voice was heard by all, as the glass wall became a speaker. “I’M STILL HERE, YOU BASTARDS!” was broadcast to all the other quarantined viewers, as they gave the elders a standing ovation. 

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