The year is 2021, and the barometer reads a high pressure, but the current atmosphere (attitude) is at a very low level, indicating a severe storm is eminent. The planet earth is entering its second full year of viral maelstroms and the world’s leaders have locked down most of their citizens. Gazing out their windows and watching nonstop (Un)Reality TV, they patiently await their Uber food handlers who approach their front doors like masked, western outlaws of the late 1800’s. Their “weapon” is a credit card reader built into their “Smurfphones.” They have attained that name because of the blue color generated by the internal ultraviolet light, designed to kill any viruses that may be lurking on the customer’s credit card. The food that was ordered is in a hermetically sealed container. The cuisine was prepared by robots who contain no organic matter, which may harbor the dreaded invader. Nevertheless, the completed packages are sterilized, irradiated, bathed in UV, and sprayed with alcohol. The meal tastes like crap with a moonshine nastiness, but it is safe to eat and gives the humans strength to survive another day. A vaccine is on the horizon but the one under consideration at the present is peppered with side effects. Loss of sight, paralysis and random death are just a few bugs (pun) that need to be ironed out. New housing is on the drawing board as single-family homes are inefficient to deliver to and decorating the outside with lots of gingerbread is stupid because the only live humans outside are Uber foodies and rich people in CDC laboratory gear. The new mass housing going up for the imprisoned denizens are narrow glass high-rises that are bathed in the sun’s UV. They have sealed food port delivery systems in front and sewage extractors coming out the rear. When asking an aging baby boomer what these new modern apartments look like to him, the answer is, “these thin units remind me of my childhood ant farm I had in my bedroom decades ago.” 

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