The building trades have finished their rough installations within the gutted kitchen area. It is now time to summon the Godz. Back in the beginning of the remodeling project for John and Jill Normal, which took place 8 weeks ago, but seems like a one-year chemotherapy ritual, they paid a tidy sum for a building permit to their local government Gestapo. Along with this fee, each trade had to fork out a tribute to Caesar; this being a separate permit cost for plumbing, electric, HVAC, and insulation. These toil tolls were included in the bid of the sub-contractors along with a huge nuisance tariff for subjecting these skilled workers to the scrutiny of the building inspectors (the Godz). They are there for the protection of the homeowner and the community at large. NOT! These lazy slugs play a game of “good inspector, bad inspector” with the workers who are making design decisions every day in the way they perform their jobs. They have to meet the local building codes which were written by product lobbyists to get their wares into the market. Yet, they were proposed by educated engineers trying to make sure there is no repeat of a misfortune when someone died due to a design flaw, but someone gave these inspectors a job with absolute authority. Some Godz are knowledgeable, but others use their position for pure power. Let’s see who shows up. Instead of sending 4 different inspectors with specific knowledge in their respected trades, this community, in order to save money, sends out one. He’s 56, overweight, so he can’t climb to see overhead installations and spent the vast majority of his working career as a truck driver delivering building materials. Sounds like an expert. He allows himself 9 minutes for a thorough investigation of the entire installation. He tugs on an electrical cable, grabs a plumbing pipe, and walks over to the inspection tag and signs it. He misses the major violations. The God has spoken and it’s off to lunch. APPROVED! 

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