With the departure of the Godz (building inspectors), the tradesmen slowly convene back to the job site. They stare at the inspection tag with bewilderment. The unattended plumbing apprentice sawed through a major support header in order to maintain pitch without using a few more fittings. When the carpenter foreman saw the error, he had no time to argue with the plumbing contractor about paying him to replace the header. He also had no time to do it as the explosive economy has buried him with work. He hid the mistake by flipping a piece of insulation over the blunder. The government official hired to review this work is encouraged to be slack in his assessment during the “good times” and help the rich developers get their product onto the tax roles. During slow times, the Godz will enforce the code to the letter and will call back a trade for something trivial or miniscule. The equivalent of a cop pulling over a driver for going 2 MPH over the speed limit. Senseless. If hired to do the job, regardless if its a tradesman or inspector, do the job right. But use common sense which seems to be not so common. Anyway, the blunder bestowed upon the Normals will be a gift wrapped in drywall and won’t show up for years. Merry Depressmas. As the job progresses, the finishes are installed in a rushed manner because the expeditor tells everyone they’re losing money as he drives away in his $90 grand SUV. John and Jill have made up, but their abusive words are burned into their memories forever. They also burned up all their vacation time babysitting the trades, so the stress continues to build just like their dream kitchen with all the extras and cost overruns that were added. It’s a good thing Jill hired a female designer named Tiffany to help her with her selections. With all the colors and finishes to choose from, Jill was inundated and required professional help. One of the first things that Tiffany selects is Jill’s husband, John. OH BOY!

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