The tiny members of the Insect Family known as Calicidae have killed more humans than all other predatory animals combined. These ancient, aeronautical, annoying, little pests have been sucking oceans of blood from vertebrates for millions of years. The female is the only gender that has a specialized proboscis to extract the red, life blood of creatures, solely for the purpose of feeding developing eggs within itself. A potentially deadly thief who’s only concern is its own reproduction. BASIC LIFE 101.The shaft hanging from its head is really a sheath that is hiding 3 tools in duplicate to facilitate the extraction process. The outer 2 have razor sharp saws to penetrate the skin and cut into the tissue to find MOTHER’S MILK. The next two are inserted to hold back the tissue and allow one of the two hypodermic-like needles to probe for blood using chemicals. As the blood flows, chemicals are injected to speed up the extraction and numb the area. When she is engorged and ready for take-off, the itch chemical is administered, along with any parasites that have been hitching a ride in her. Half a dozen deadly diseases can kill thousands of humans every year, the most being children. Estimates for the body count per year are 750,000 victims, many times more than people murdering each other. With rampant military spending, taxing developed countries into bankruptcy, it won’t be long before some clever, thrift-minded military scientist sees a deadly delivery system for an approved biological warfare. Although banned by “civilized” countries who possess nukes and have the upper hand, poorer terrorists’ nations could use the organic supply system of mosquitoes to deliver the new weapons of man’s destruction. Merely insert the newest deadly human microbe in the gut of the local mosquitoes and let them hitchhike to their quarry. These “naval aircraft” can be bred in an old tire full of stagnant water and be ready for launch in days. TORA! TORA! TORA!

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