To date, there have been thousands of WATCH THIS! videos posted on the internet with no decline in sight. The demand is insane because deep down in the human psyche exists an addiction for violence, a self-survival instinct installed in all of us at conception. The Romans understood this concept by accommodating its citizens with structures all over its domain and entertaining them with gladiator games. Modern Man has continued this tradition, only in a toned-down version, by building racetracks and sports complexes for its denizens. Deep down, people want to see competition, violence and although rare, death. They pay to fill large stadiums and there are plenty of sponsors to increase profits. Now with WATCH THIS! videos at their disposal, the only cost is their internet provider’s service fee. This form of entertainment has broken all records as a startup company and as a fringe benefit, the heirs of the actors involved are compensated. No superstars to monopolize the industry, just ordinary people who reached the end of life and wish to give a monetary gift to their kin. A perverse, yet happy, ending. Even religions are jumping on the bandwagon, whereas members of different congregations with no heirs, have signed on with the WATCH THIS! corporation and have donated their proceeds to the church. The religious rulers have instructed their parishioners not to give in to the temptations of such a mortal sin, but as of today, all checks have been cashed. A video of a Catholic priest surfaced a few months ago that showed an elderly ecclesiastic being secured to the external tank of an old Nike Air Defense Zeus missile with the warhead removed. It was launched by ex-members of the military familiar with that Nike in a remote part of Utah. It was ignited successfully, and its lift-off was filmed. The errant pastor failed to scream out, “WATCH THIS!” Under the engine roar, no one heard what he said. The go cam on his head soon disintegrated. 

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