At the close of World War II, an estimated 50 to 80 million people perished in the purge. This was 3 to 4% of the world’s population. In the world of ECONOMICS, this represented a concern because of a large decline in the number of consumers. As the ink was drying on various Peace Treaties, the elite got together with their Academia and proposed tactics that used readily available alcohol and widely distributed pornographic material (Playboy and National Geographic) to encourage pregnancies. It worked. In the US, the population exploded in the post war years. The vast majority were of poor descent but because their fathers were constantly employed by huge construction projects (the US Interstate System) and an even larger Cold War Industrial Machine, large numbers became Middle Class. Total cost for the Cold War (1948-1991), was $13.1 trillion dollars. This threw many more multimillionaires into the mix and small gang wars erupted to keep the economy fueled. With new affluence entrenched in government, they remembered their roots and started to give more rights and privileges to the penurious. After a few decades of experimentation, the results were in. It cost a fortune. Then the 9-11 incident occurred which set in motion a slow removal of constitutional rights and the construction of heavily armored governmental installations, along with heavily manned government institutions. The rich are leery, but no worries. Like cans of RAID scattered in land and submarine silos, and delivered from aircraft, thermonuclear weapons can vaporize the poor like insects. This will tip the scales to the affluent side of the chart and thus another baby boom will be instituted. Any 20-year-old male today should invest in a fallout shelter with a month’s supply of provisions. Upon exiting, he will be expected to do his part and inseminate 5 females per day. It’s time to prodigiously pound out the poor and replenish the armies.

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