In the world of the haves and have nots, otherwise known as the rich and poor, there lies a huge disparity between the 2 groups that will endanger the life of those unfortunates that are in the wrong group. The first collection of individuals is a miniscule minority in numbers but hold the vast majority of the wealth that exists in the modern world. These elitist control governments and, hence, armies to enforce their will on society. But if the armies are composed of the poor, why would they turn on their own kind to carry out this decree? Simple; MONEY, the instrument of ideology based on human comfort and approval. Gainful employment with wages and the promise of taking care of you when you are old (pensions) will influence people of meager means to enforce the laws proposed by the rich to advance their wealth and power. Police and armed forces are constantly at war with their own internal factions of discontent. The rich cannot afford to totally eradicate all the poor because they still need them to clean their toilets and fight off foreign rich and greedy opponents eyeing up their assets. Oppress the have nots too much and they will overwhelm the elite’s armies and come after them personally, as evident in France, Russia, and many other successful revolutions. The trick is to keep it in equilibrium by having a few foreign wars going at the same time the country is fighting off its own militants. This thins the herd of the have nots by being killed in conflicts, both home and abroad. It also employs and, thus, advances the same group of poor to the middle class for which they are thankful. They engineer and run industries that are designed to kill and maim their enemy’s poor in the name of profits to attain wealth. So, the poor, motivated by money, kill other poor in an attempt to become rich, but without a steady supply of poor to kill, the middle class will go broke, become poor again to replenish the stock and thus repeat the cycle.

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