Forecasted by prior history, the underprivileged have overstepped their social order and caused the opulent stock in power to take action to reduce their presence. Fearing a revolution in the works with protests like BLM and Antifa rallies, the Celestial Citizens of Copious Cash (4C) have elected to terminate a large portion of the poor to avoid a possible mutiny and an economic disaster. Their weapon of choice has been laying around in the US arsenal since the early 70’s and was primarily built as an Anti-ballistic missile. It is fashionably known as a Neutron Bomb. Using a small fission reaction in the 10-kiloton range to achieve a thermonuclear release of massive amounts of high energy neutrons in all directions, this weapon was designed to incapacitate an incoming ICBM. It either destroyed the electronics within or initiated the pit of the warhead onboard the missile to preignite in space. Its release killed life with high radiation doses below while maintaining minimal property damage with low over pressures. Good news for infrastructure, bad news for people. The 4C set off 1000’s of these Grim Reapers over hundreds of poor American cities. The death toll was staggering as the privileged enjoyed comfort in government-built bunkers for a month. Among them were administrative employees that were young, healthy females hired only because of their docile demeanor revealed on pre-employment tests. The crazies who’d only pass bad traits down to their children were screened out. The rich were now choosing the caliber of the poor they were about to breed. The males who survived the Armageddon of the Destitute, were allowed to be totally random in selection to invite diversity in the next generation. The mere fact that they survived the atrocities indicated an inborn intelligence. The new Adams and Eves interbred profusely for decades as marriage was outlawed. The world is now saturated with the FUTURISTIC PENNYLESS MINIONS of design.

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