Bev Holtz awoke to the sound of an assassination squad sent out by the 4C to gather up her non-compliant neighbors. As they attempted to corral and forever remove the characters in question, it became obvious they were forewarned and left the premises weeks ago. The success rate for these goon squads is now under 2% and falling. The 4C, an elite group of extremely rich people, have a major problem on their hands. They have accidentally bred a race of poor people who won’t go to war for them. In the old days, they’d create an enemy by false journalism and faked attacks on their own homeland that would stir patriotism and self-sacrifice. The poor would volunteer for military duty and would be sent thousands of miles away to go and kill people unknown to them, in the name of honor, bravery, and loyalty. When the locals fought back trying to protect their homes and livelihoods, some soldiers got killed, and then it became personal. It was self-feeding as the mothers back home wept and the cousins volunteered. They killed more enemy, who then retaliated, and suicide bombed hundreds more. And on and on, etc., etc. WOW! All the while the rich got richer supplying both sides with weapons and food. When they started running low on poor people, a truce was struck, people went home, scars closed, and birthing became the national pastime. But by intruding on mate selection, the rich inadvertently bred an intelligent, peaceful lot that saw no sense to war. So, when called upon to populate the military, to crush the next foe, they just didn’t go. This enraged the rich who paid big money to get assassination squads to change their minds. Bev Holtz, born into this generation, is a double agent. When the assassins see the sheeplike behavior in these people, they suddenly stop the senseless slaughter and view their own evil instilled by the rich. Bev knows where all the rich are hiding and are sending these repurposed avengers out to annihilate their creators.

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