A young, beautiful, and emotional savvy female can, if she elects to, entertain rich suitors of the male persuasion. If this path is chosen correctly, the woman can undertake a career that will host an elderly gentleman for years or decades of pleasant, elaborate gifts in exchange for sexual favors. As long as discretion is exercised, and emotional craziness is arrested, the relationship can be fruitful for both. She gets material objects that she could not otherwise afford, and he gets to have sex with a young hotty without the stigma of hiring a prostitute. The difference is trust. Money is not demanded upon climax as in a fille de joie/john role. The relationship is mutually beneficial for both and either one, or both, could be married to another. Whatever works. The pair are content, and the woman is delighted to be a part time possession and the man is happy to be a Sugar Daddy. Now for the not so lucky men out there that are lacking physical attributes, social skills, and financial independence, there is a new class of males who can enjoy a similar situation with a detuned title: FRUCTOSE FATHER. These fellas have a bit of a hard time keeping their partners in BMWs and penthouse suites but can perform their ritualistic expectations only on a slightly lower level. They take their hidden lovelies for a shopping spree at Goodwill, dinner at the local Waffle House, and on occasion, will let them borrow their 1995 Dodge Neon with the missing hood. When it comes time to show their appreciation for the love bestowed upon them by their secret sweeties, money IS an object because they don’t have any. No problem. Scraping someone’s 1978 Ford Pinto rusting away in the back yard of the tenement housing they reside in has netted a whopping $92. This windfall will keep the cable on for another month and when the wife goes to visit her mother next week, the stashed sultress will be snuck into the apartment for some Twilight Zone reruns and stingy sex. 

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