The youth of the years, of 2004 to 2020, enjoyed a new technology that linked all humans to a giant wireless telephone system known as social media. The participation stunned experts in the fields of psychology and especially finance when the company went public on the US stock market and grew to a $100 billion plus institution. The fact that an organization that produced absolutely nothing tangible, except gossip and a platform to throw advertising at its viewers, was mud splitting. It continued to grow, and profits increased when the management sold its customer’s personal information to bureaucracies and corporations. It was finally reigned in when live action murders were posted. Humans! Now all sites are scanned for violence, criminal activity, and derogatory rhetoric and immediately dismantled, so it cannot infect the little children’s’ heads. Speech was analyzed and prioritized by software and employees of the firm, who either closed the account or put them in a social media jail for a period of time, to instill a punishment for such infertile idea distribution. This left a void in a human’s right to speak their minds and was quickly filled by an outfit who saw financial possibilities. HATEBOOK was born. This site does not rely on advertising revenue to pay the bills but rather operates with a fee to join, a charge to put forth your negative views, and a cost for others to read your damaging intellectual spawn. If someone has a bad idea, there exists a firm that will profit from your desire to rant recklessly for money. HATEBOOK started out slow but when the word got out just how racist and overall hateful the site was, membership grew quickly. With the tightening of the 1st Amendment’s Freedom of Speech rights, people look for a way to legally vent their anger. This site now gives them their launching pad. As to the owner of this stealthy corporation, it’s a secret. Speculation is it’s the government looking for its hidden bad apples.

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